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Africa forms single market

Historic pact creates world’s biggest free trade zone fulfilling the pan-African dream.

The problem of over-dependancy

FIVE AND A half decades since independence not much structural change in the Nigerian economy has taken place. Crop production still dominates economic activity, followed by trading and services. Oil, though, with a much bigger share of total output today…

Change that made no difference

Just a year after Buhari was elected into office on a mantra of ‘change’ it appears to be more of the same for Nigerians as the country is buffeted by ill winds from the global markets. Martins Azuwike reports on…

Nigeria fuel crisis continues

Adding fuel to the fire – A combination of ageing oil refineries and powerful middlemen led to a crippling fuel crisis last month. By Martins Azuwike, Lagos    IN THE RUN up to his inauguration at the end of last month,…
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