Has Africa reached herd immunity?

With early antibody tests revealing the virus may have infected millions more Africans than first thought, Andrea Dijkstra speaks to some of the world’s leading experts and asks whether the fall in hospitalisations and deaths may mean herd immunity is well within…

Uganda's lethal lockdown exposed

Uganda’s lethal response to Covid-19 has led to an epidemic of violence, poverty and hunger, reports Zachary Ochieng. As the world continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic, human rights watchdogs have criticized the Ugandan security forces for using excess force…

African migrants struggle over cultural heritage

African migrants are keen to retain their cultural values abroad but their children struggle over identity. Sharon Birch-Jeffrey reports from New York To experience a taste of African culture deep inside the Big Apple, visitors turn to Little Senegal, a…

Evangelist on a mission

T B Joshua, a multi millionaire African evangelist is engaing in extensive humanitarian work
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