OPINION: Nigeria needs action to grow

The Nigerian economy is not actually growing unless GDP outstrips population growth, says economist Muda Yusuf. Over the past six decades, the Nigerian economy has transformed significantly from...

Nigeria controls piracy - but is still punished by West

As new figures reveal a collapse in pirate activity off Nigeria, authorities are demanding an end to the War Risk Insurance Premium on imports. By Francis Ezem in Lagos. The federal government...

Nigerians hit by lockdown-induced cost of living crisis

As Nigerians prepare to vote in gubernatorial elections over the next 12 months, Emeka Chigbu reports how the economic situation couldn’t be more fragile in Africa’s most-populous nation. &nbs...

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Kenya's new Lamu Port flounders

| NewsAfrica
Ten months after opening, Kenya’s new Lamu container port remains worryingly underused. By Zachary Ochieng in Nairobi.

African business news - October 2021

| NewsAfrica
Egypt business news Chinese ride-hailing giant DiDi Chuxing has launched operations in Egypt. The company will operate its ‘Wasalny’ or ‘Wasalny+’ services in the Alexandria governorate, in a move that rivals competitor Uber. Operating across 17 countries globally, Egypt is DiDi’s second Afric...

Zanzibar emerging as the 'new Dubai' for investors

| NewsAfrica
Restriction-free Zanzibar saw visitor numbers skyrocket during the pandemic. But as the rest of the world emerges from self-inflicted downturns, Judy Cogan discovers the Tanzanian archipelago is looking to build on its tourism success, with a new 70-storey skyscraper, airport and multi-billion-...

Ethiopian Airlines linked to ‘dangerous’ exotic pet trade

| NewsAfrica
A new report has shone light on the aviation giant’s role in the live export of primates and other animals of ‘concern’. By Britt Collins.

Business news round-up: August 2021

| NewsAfrica
Africa's latest business and investment news, including details on the fate of South Africa's embattled Mango Airlines, Uganda's dairy dispute with Kenya and Tanzania and Gabon's newest Unesco-listed reserve.

Fears for Okavango Delta as Namibia drills for oil

| NewsAfrica
A staggering 120 billion barrels of black gold are claimed to lie untapped beneath the semi-desert wilderness that straddles the Namibia-Botswana frontier. It’s been heralded as a get-out-of-poverty-quick card for these small, underdeveloped nations. But as exploration licenses begin to be issu...

Rihanna's billion-dollar idea: Opinion

| NewsAfrica
NewsAfrica's Mary Fashoyin on how the Barbadian singer tapped into a gap in the market  – and transformed the fashion and cosmetics industries.

Undocumented migrants make waves in Spanish fashion

| NewsAfrica
Judy Cogan speaks to the illegal African migrants who've gone from selling Chinese-made knockoffs on the streets of Barcelona to opening their own streetwear boutiques to secure Spanish residency.

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