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South Africa reeling as lights go out in ongoing loadshedding blackout saga

Ongoing electricity crisis takes new turn with an assassination plot, seized sports cars and failed extraditions. By James Christie in Cape Town.

Is it time for Africa to ditch the US dollar in trade deals?

When American senator Marco Rubio spoke on Fox News in early April about the invisible ‘conflict’ between China and the West, he accidentally gave a very good reason why countri...

Mozambique's liquefied natural gas (LNG) site to reopen following 2021 terror attacks

The French oil and gas company TotalEnergies looks set to resume its liquefied natural gas (LNG) extraction project in Mozambique’s troubled Cabo Delgado province, two years after it suspended...

African cooking gets the Michelin treatment

African cuisine has always been an important part of 30-year-old Dieuveil Malonga’s identity. As a young boy, his grandmother owned a popular street food restaurant just outside of Brazzaville, th...

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Nigerian insurance sector grows by 22 per cent 

| NewsAfrica
Newly released figures show Nigeria’s comatose insurance sector may finally be waking up. By Martins Azuwike in Lagos.

Leaders to meet for African energy summit   

| NewsAfrica
World leaders and energy giants to discuss ways to harness Africa’s 'green energy’ potential at the NAFNIS 2022 event.

The end of the petrodollar could be good for Africa

| NewsAfrica
As Russia demands Europe pay for gas in roubles, Sizwe Lo looks at the US dollar’s prominence in global trade – and the impact of its demise for Africa.

Anger as Botswana govt plans luxury hotels inside Chobe National Park

| NewsAfrica
Tourism body slams Botswana government over decision to build eight luxury lodges in wilderness area. By Oarabile Mosikare in Gaborone.

African business news round-up: April 2022

| NewsAfrica
A look at why the Central African Republic is embracing cryptocurrencies, Ethiopia is embracing M-Pesa, and Sasol is hoping to capitalise on the EU-Russia fallout.

Ghana introduces austerity following lockdown losses

| NewsAfrica
As lockdown spending sees Ghana’s national debt balloon, the government is forced to make cuts to survive. By Cliff Ekuful in Accra.

Ghana financial tax faces legal challenge

| NewsAfrica
Opposition MPs to challenge Ghana’s controversial levy on electronic transfers at the Supreme Court. By Cliff Ekuful in Accra.

Nigeria to become self-sufficient in fertiliser

| NewsAfrica
While Europe struggles with potash supplies thanks to the war in Ukraine, Nigeria is set to become self-sufficient in fertiliser, says Martins Azuwike in Lagos.

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