What does the Coronation of the King of Britain mean for Africa and the Commonwealth?

Navigating a new era: African Commonwealth nations grapple with change and opportunity under King Charles III.

Nigeria election chief urged to resign as opposition candidates contest the results of the $661 million botched ballot

It was touted as what would be most credible elections in the history of Nigeria. Mahmood Yakubu, the chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC), repeatedly claimed he has got all...

Is it time for Africa to ditch the US dollar in trade deals?

When American senator Marco Rubio spoke on Fox News in early April about the invisible ‘conflict’ between China and the West, he accidentally gave a very good reason why countri...

Opinion: Why the war is not over for Nigeria's Obi-dient movement, despite poll setback

Nigeria's so-called ‘Obi-dient movement’ has gone from being just ‘four people’ tweeting in a room to a movement of 6.1 million people.  ...

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Doubts raised over Zimbabwe's presidential election in August

| Tomas Queface
Millions of Zimbabweans have registered to vote in preparation for August polls to elect the next president and members of parliament.   According to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), at least 5.8 million Zimbabweans have registered to vote in the presi...

Kenyan protests to resume after Ramadan, as talks break down between government and opposition

| Zachary Ochieng
The street protests that brought Kenya to a halt throughout March are set to continue for the foreseeable future, after opposition leaders announced they would resume their campaign after Ramadan.   Many streets in Kenya’s big cities were no-go zones...

Latest news round-up: April 2023

| Hayley Matthews
A former minister jailed over a passport scam has been pardoned by the president of Malawi. Ex-cabinet member Uladi Mussa was released from prison by President Lazarus Chakwera at the start of this month less than halfway through his sentence for abuse of office.   ...

DRC at risk of breaking apart

| Joseph Smith
Community tensions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) suffered a blow in March, with the return of a controversial bill that would see the country’s frontrunner in the presidential elections banned from standing due to his ethnicity.

Airline spreads unfounded Marburg hysteria

| Sally Beck
Since the airline Emirates posted a Marburg warning to customers flying from Oman to Tanzania, there have been unfounded fears a deadly pandemic will follow. 
Charles Chinedu Ndukauba with Mr. Peter Obi at CKC, Onitsha

Nigeria 2023 Elections: Two candidates versus a movement

| NewsAfrica
The 2023 elections to elect  a new leader in Nigeria will be a race between the establishment and a challenger movement, write Moffat Ekoriko and Peter Claver

No room under the rainbow: South Africa's xenophobic murders

| NewsAfrica
As South Africa sees a resurgence of xenophobic attacks against migrants from the rest of Africa, we investigate what is behind the explosion in vigilante violence, and why the ANC government is doing little to stop the ethnic cleansing.

Conflict on Senegal-Gambia border 

| NewsAfrica
Thousands of refugees flee to Gambia as violence flares in Senegal’s troubled Casamance region. By Jonathan Paye-Layleh in Monrovia.

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