South Africa still reckoning with apartheid crimes 

Questions are raised about why the ANC has done so little to investigate its predecessor's abuses, following a historic ‘suicide’ inquiry. By Christopher Clark in Cape Town.   On Novem...

Can Nelson Chamisa win in Zimbabwe in 2023?

Zimbabwe's recent by-election results show next next year's crucial presidential poll could go either way. By Christopher Clark in Cape Town.   On March 26, Zimbabwe finally went to the polls i...

Morocco tightens grip on Western Sahara

The future of the disputed region lies in ruins following an intervention by Spain. By Christopher Clark. On April 7, Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, flew to the Moroccan capital of Rab...

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Liberia marks its bicentenary with citizenship debate

| NewsAfrica
As Liberia marks its bicentenary, Jonathan Paye-Layleh discovers how, 200 years after freed US slaves established their plantation society, the country is still struggling to shake off the shackles of discrimination.

Hotel Rwanda appeal shows ominous slide in Kigali

| NewsAfrica
As the sentence against Hotel Rwanda hero Paul Rusesabagina is expected to be increased this month, following an unusual appeal by Rwandan prosecutors, we speak to his daughter Carine Kanimba about her father’s illegal rendition and subsequent jailing on 'terrorism' charges, and discover the ho...

OPINION: Time to take the Sahel instability seriously

| NewsAfrica
The Sahel is a ticking timebomb that requires urgent action, according to the Independent Diplomat's Cat Evans.

Mozambique: Ex-ministers face long verdict wait 

| NewsAfrica
The son of former president Guebuza and other high-profile Mozambicans will wait until August to hear the outcome of the country's largest ever corruption case. 

DRC outrage after man marries triplets

| NewsAfrica
Congolese express anger after a video of a man marrying three triplets on the same day went global. By Issa Sikiti da Silva in Goma.

African news round-up: March 2022

| NewsAfrica
Two-minute read: Your round-up of the latest news from Africa, including Nigeria's on-going drug ring trial and the jihadist violence in the Sahel.

Ugandans struggling and afraid after brutal two-year lockdown

| NewsAfrica
As schools and business finally open after nearly two years, Ugandans find they have sunk into economic hardship as a result of President Museveni’s Covid power grab. By Issa Sikiti da Silva in Kampala.

Violence overshadows Zimbabwe by-elections 

| NewsAfrica
Members of new opposition grouping are beaten and killed, sparking concerns for next year's pivotal presidential poll. By Tomas Queface in Maputo.

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