Opinion - Biden's Russia sanctions have backfired spectacularly on the US. And Africa could reap the benefits

As the world ditches the US dollar, the threat of Western sanctions could lose their grip in African politics. By Moffat Ekoriko.

Opinion: Why the war is not over for Nigeria's Obi-dient movement, despite poll setback

Nigeria's so-called ‘Obi-dient movement’ has gone from being just ‘four people’ tweeting in a room to a movement of 6.1 million people.  ...

America's toxic abortion debate proves the West is over

Africa needs to stop deferring to Europe and America on moral and scientific matters and chart a new course free from Western interference, says Pedrito Cambrão.   Throughout the cent...

Culture wars dividing the West

One of the major world events during the Covid-19 pandemic was the eight minutes in which Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s neck. A harrowing eight minutes that was ...

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Lockdown is real killer in Africa

| NewsAfrica
At the last count, Covid-19 had infected 35 million people worldwide, leaving more than a million dead. Not since the Spanish flu of the early 20th century has the world witnessed such a rapid death toll from a viral disease. In the 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic, more than 500 million people ...

Nigeria stands on a cliff edge

| NewsAfrica
Akin Sawyerr argues that Nigerian leaders need to make a u-turn to save the country from catastrophe The highly anticipated 2019 Nigerian elections are all but over. There were winners at the ballot box, winners at the tribunal, and 'winners' in their pockets who are mutedly celebrating. The los...

Gaining from the brain drain

| NewsAfrica
Moffat Ekoriko sets out a pathway for  Africa to gain from the brain drain Nigeria’s labour minister Chris Ngige recently committed the faux pas of the year. He said Nigerian doctors who want to migrate abroad can do so since the country has surplus doctors. He added that their migration wo...

The (bad) American dream

| Funkekeme Solomon
Funkekeme Solomon worries about the direction of the world under the US presidency of Donald Trump

Forging Africa Caribbean ties

| NewsAfrica
Jucilla Walters argues for the deepening of ties between Africa and the Caribbeans.  

In search of the common good

| NewsAfrica
Until we look after our own, the black race will continue to live in shit holes, argues Moffat Ekoriko.

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