What does the Coronation of the King of Britain mean for Africa and the Commonwealth?

Navigating a new era: African Commonwealth nations grapple with change and opportunity under King Charles III.

South Africa reeling as lights go out in ongoing loadshedding blackout saga

The sign outside a small but popular coffee bar in central Cape Town reads: ‘Opening Hours — Ask Eskom’. Not that asking the state-operated electricity provider would be of much us...

Kenyan protests to resume after Ramadan, as talks break down between government and opposition

The street protests that brought Kenya to a halt throughout March are set to continue for the foreseeable future, after opposition leaders announced they would resume their camp...

DRC at risk of breaking apart

Community tensions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) suffered a blow in March, with the return of a controversial bill that would see the country’s frontrunner in the presidential elect...

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Airline spreads unfounded Marburg hysteria

| Sally Beck
Since the airline Emirates posted a Marburg warning to customers flying from Oman to Tanzania, there have been unfounded fears a deadly pandemic will follow. 

US vice president lectures Africa on ‘climate change’

| Jusper Machogu
White knights do not have to travel everywhere by horse anymore. They don't even have to be white.   US Vice President Kamala Harris proved this recently, when she boarded her private jet, flew over to Africa, and proceeded to help save us from ourselves.  

Nigerian insurance sector grows by 22 per cent 

| NewsAfrica
Newly released figures show Nigeria’s comatose insurance sector may finally be waking up. By Martins Azuwike in Lagos.

Leaders to meet for African energy summit   

| NewsAfrica
World leaders and energy giants to discuss ways to harness Africa’s 'green energy’ potential at the NAFNIS 2022 event.

The West is finished – it's time Africa charts her own course 

| NewsAfrica
Historian Samuel Adu-Gyamfi explains how the Russia-Ukraine conflict has exposed the hypocrisy at the heart of Western 'liberalism' – and why Africa needs to break off its Eurocentric chains.

Kenya's new Lamu Port flounders

| NewsAfrica
Ten months after opening, Kenya’s new Lamu container port remains worryingly underused. By Zachary Ochieng in Nairobi.

BLM is right on vax-pass racism

| NewsAfrica
As more and more countries roll out vaccine passports, African history professor Toby Green believes the world needs to act now before global apartheid takes root.

Ghana faces piracy and terror threats

| NewsAfrica
President Akufo-Addo’s government is faced with attacks from land and sea, as fears grow over Ghana’s security woes. By Cliff Ekuful in Accra.

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