Telecom fraud is robbing taxpayers

As 4G rollout ramps up, authorities across Africa are working together to tackle cybercrime. By Zachary Ochieng.   The growth in broadband connectivity has unlocked great potential in digi...

Nigeria declares war on pirates

President Buhari has launched a new security initiative to end piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. By Francis Ezem in Lagos.   It may be one of the world’s major shipping routes, but the Gulf ...

Liberian press plead for state cash

Liberian journalists demand government assistance to keep the industry alive. By Jonathan Paye-Layleh in Monrovia.   The umbrella organisation for journalists and media practitioners in ...

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In brief: African news round-up

| NewsAfrica
Your quick news round-up from across Africa, including the latest kidnap-ransoms in Nigeria, Burundi's thawing relations with the EU and the discovery of dead miners in South Africa.

African migration: an unstoppable human tide

| NewsAfrica
Following Nato’s toppling of Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has become the main gateway for migrants and refugees from Africa and the Middle East attempting to get to Europe. Having created a lawless space replete with arms and trigger-happy militias, European leaders face a difficult task trying to turn...

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