August news round-up from across Africa

The latest news round-up from across Africa, including Tunisia's constitutional crisis to the conflict in the Central African Republic.   Nigeria The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has...

South Africa reeling after recent rioting

More than 300 died during the eight days of looting and violence that followed former president Jacob Zuma’s arrest. By Miriam Mannak in Cape Town.   South Africa’s Gauteng and KwaZulu-N...

Attempted Madagascar coup fuels conspiracies 

The foiled attack on World Health Organization-critic Andry Rajoelina has raised concerns over foreign interference in Madagascar. By Jerome Armstrong in Zanzibar.   An assassinat...

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Liberia to tackle urban litter problem

| NewsAfrica
The Liberian president has been forced to launch a special presidential task force to clean up Liberia’s filth-strewn cities.

Ethnic cleansing fears in Tigray conflict

| NewsAfrica
Tigrayans are facing hunger and persecution as the Ethiopian civil war escalates. By Miriam Mannak.

Protests met with violence in the former Swaziland

| NewsAfrica
Pro-democracy protests continue in the world’s last absolute monarchy, despite a lethal crackdown by Eswatini's security services. By Tomas Queface.

Rwanda joins Mozambique’s war on terror

| NewsAfrica
The arrival of foreign troops could mark a turning point in Mozambique’s four-year battle against an Islamic State insurgency. By Tomás Queface in Maputo.

Islamic State spreads terror in Mozambique

| NewsAfrica
As the humanitarian crisis in northern Mozambique continues, Tomás Queface speaks to survivors fleeing violence in Africa’s latest battle against Islamic State.

Warnings over DRC volcano eruption

| NewsAfrica
Following the deadly eruption of Mount Nyiragongo in late May, volcanologist Kevin Njau asks whether the DRC could have done more to prevent loss of life.

Zambia election violence flares

| NewsAfrica
August’s presidential election campaign is being marred by restrictions, violence and court disputes, reports Tomás Queface.

Ghana protesters get green light for rallies 

| NewsAfrica
Ghana’s Supreme Court overturns a ban on street protests, giving fresh hope to campaigners fighting deteriorating living conditions.

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