Airline spreads unfounded Marburg hysteria

Emirates causes unnecessary panic over Marburg outbreak. By Sally Beck in East Africa.

Liberia's health dept accused of $1m theft 

Liberia’s Ministry of Health has come under the spotlight after misappropriating international funding. By Jonathan Paye-Layleh in Monrovia.   The Liberian Ministry of Health has been accused o...

Lockdowns lead to rise in albinism attacks

Charities are warning of an increase in incidences, as people impoverished by lockdowns turn to witch doctors for help. By Miriam Mannak. The number of violent attacks and murders against people...

Seychelles: What is causing the post-vax rise in cases?

It may be one of the most-vaccinated countries on earth, but the Seychelles has seen an explosion in cases – and the imposition of crippling new lockdown restrictions – since rolling out the Covid-...

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Why are Nigerians still travelling abroad for healthcare?

| NewsAfrica
On the sick list – Thousands of Nigerians every year travel abroad for medical treatment because of lack of healthcare at home. By Martins Azuwike THE REPORT last month by the Indian High Commissioner to Nigeria, Ajjampur Ghanashyam, that stated 20,000 Nigerians visit his co...

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