South Africa

South Africa reeling as lights go out in ongoing loadshedding blackout saga

Ongoing electricity crisis takes new turn with an assassination plot, seized sports cars and failed extraditions. By James Christie in Cape Town.

No room under the rainbow: South Africa's xenophobic murders

As South Africa sees a resurgence of xenophobic attacks against migrants from the rest of Africa, we investigate what is behind the explosion in vigilante violence, and why the ANC government is ...

Xenophobia goes viral - and Nigerians are the target

Donald Paul reports from South Africa on the street protests and anti-migrant laws targeting Nigerians and other foreigners. Back in May 2008, South Africa’s status as the so-called Rainbow Nation...

Xenophobia plagues South Africa

The resurgence of anti-foreigner violence in election run-up sparks accusations that the government is fuelling xenophobia rather than solving it. By Newton Sibanda Attacks targeting foreigners th...

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